F is for Felting

Today, my eight-year-old, two-year-old, and I learned about the ancient craft of wet felting by making beautiful soft felted balls at Heartfelt,  a charming shop in the heart of Linden Hills offering a multitude of crafting classes for children of all ages. 

 First we balled up un-dyed wool then carefully wrapping two different colored pieces of wool in a ball shape. Then with very soapy hands we slowly poured water over the balls then shaped them. We continued pouring water and putting more soap on our hands and shaping the balls until the owner of the store and instructor Lisa told us the ball was finished.  Each of the balls had noticibly shrunk in comparison to before putting water on them. 

For extra fun, you can stick a little jingle bell in the middle of the ball before you begin wrapping it.  Makes for a really fun cat toy or just soft balls for kids to “gently” toss in the house or juggle.

There are a variety of classes for preschoolers and older children including free classes designed to introduce you and your children to the relaxed atmostphere Heartfelt provides.  In addition to classes, Heartfelt offers many creative birthday party themes without the preparation and clean-up of a party at home.

I made these for the girls last year and this morning, so it is officially a tradition!  I used a meat pounder to break a candy cane into tiny pieces then threw it in with the pancake batter. After the pancakes were cooked, I used a Christmas cookie cutter to shape them and shook green and red sprinkles on them. I just wish I had put the sprinkles away before the baby got to them…


S is for Shark Shower

I let the girls open one present early this AM ‘cuz I’m a big pushover and the deal we negotiated gave me 10 more minutes in bed.  I made them these shark towels with teeth and a big fat stuffed fin in the back.  They love them and hopped directly into the shower so they could give them a “wet” run.  My eight-year-old hopped on the piano and played the theme from jaws then ran into the bathroom.

As you can see the two-year-old is swimming in hers but I’m sure she’ll soon grow into it.  I was inspired by a Pottery Barn towel I saw in a catalog and thought, hey, I can make that!

Great birthday gift.  Cost is $20 and 10% of the profit goes to the Richfield Dual Language School.

Made this uniform for my friend Stephanie’s two daughters American Girl Dolls.  It was made out of an old uniform the girls no longer fit in.  If you have a daughter who attends a school with a uniform and has an 18-inch doll and an extra uniform…I’d be happy to make one for their doll as a late xmas gift for birthday gift.  Cost is $25.

Beginning in January, 10% of Pearl Girl profits will benefit the Richfield Dual Language School PTSO.

M is Mish Mash!

I’m so excited to share with you all that beginning today throughout this weekend, all Pearl Girl items sold at Mish Mash Studio will be Buy Two Get One Free! 

This sale includes the new American Girl items I have made such as holiday dresses, ponchos (just made this week!), and sleeping bags in addition to all the funky jeans, onesies, and craft aprons, coffee cozies, and punching pillows that are for sale at the store made by moi.  If any of these items are sold out, I will custom make you one for the same B2G1 deal.

Please hurry over to see all the many wonderful vintage and art items they sell and get yourself some Pearl Girl stuff to give for Christmas!!!!!

This summer I got so sick of all the solicitors interrupting our days that I quickly printed off a Do Not Solicit sign.  It was very effective…however, I got to thinking it’s terribly cold and I don’t want the folks we DO want to knock on our door to be frightened off, so I embroidered this little number this week. I used the house pattern from Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching book.

I’ll make you one for $20, if you contact me via email – meganmmc@yahoo.com or Facebook to purchase this item, you will receive a 10% discount.

As with all Pearl Girl items, 10% of my profit benefits a mission trip for Haiti Teen Challenge.

For your little guy (or girl!) who wants to be just like dad, grandpa (grandma or mom!) and have his (or her) own tool belt equipped with a flashlight.

Cost is $12, however, if you contact me via email – meganmmc@yahoo.com or Facebook to purchase this item, you will receive a 10% discount.

As with all Pearl Girl items, 10% of my profit benefits a mission trip for Haiti Teen Challenge.