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I’m a little behind on posting again but that’s because we’ve been busy having a crazy busy fun summer.  I started D and T week off by getting a truck to drop off a yard and a half of dirt to fill in all the holes in our now empty and grass-less front yard.  I spread the dirt all over the yard and have been seeding and watering it like crazy in hopes of having a respectable yard again. It’s nice to be taking back the yard and watching all of the transformation going on.

I haven’t had much of a chance to sew lately, but I did receive an order for upcycled jeans for a pair of twins, so I made these with a cute little heart and bow. I really hope they like them and wear them often!

On Monday morning, we picked up our buddies Elsa and Carol and attended Tale Time at the Wild Rumpus book store in Linden Hills. I love their tiny door for toddlers.

I took a little time off on Tuesday and met a friend for coffee and a walk.  She and a friend just started making these fabulous painted shoes and cell them under the name Funky Cinderella. On Tuesday night we caught up with Elsa and her parents for a little DQ action. On the walk home, the girls jumped on their dad’s shoulders and the baby wanted in also so Elsa’s mommy obliged. I love the desperate look on Ernie’s face. They all looked doggone tall to me!

Wednesday night we finally got to do something I’d been trying to do since last summer which was to ride the trolley over by Lake Harriet. We ran into some friends at a local restuarant and asked if they wanted to join us and the obliged. Despite having a horrible migraine, my friend and her two children joined us. It was a quick little event but very fun. Unfortunately, the migraine turned ugly and my friend had to throw up a bit in the car ride home. We were all so grateful for the bucket I carry for just such an occasion having two super pukers for kids. Not to worry, I won’t post any pictures of that. I’m happy to report that she felt much better after the incident and that I had to hang my head out the window to keep it from turning into the pie eating contest in Stand by Me, a movie that still gives me nightmares to this day.  Fortunately, the children were all too wrapped up in their happy little worlds to ever notice anything was happening in the front of the van.

On Thursday, we had a really great craft camp and were lucky to have our three neighbor girls (who are triplets!) join us. I took the kid’s to our local professional drum shop just a few blocks from our home. Unfortunately, we had to do a little detour because of all the construction on 76th Street. Steve performed for us a bit and showed us many drums and percusion instruments including a triangle and a tamborene.  He showed us a wall of drum heads signed by famous drummers from all over the world who had visited and purchased items at their shop.

On the walk home we noticed a detailed mural done by many local artists including the baby’s daycare provider Denise pictured here which got Maddie to thinking about when she was in daycare, so we stopped by the center where she used to go to catch up with her provider Laurie.

Ok, back to craft camp. For lunch the kid’s wanted to have a picnic in the park (which I told them was a bit premature given that “P” week was next week but I obliged and packed up a bunch of sandwiches and made a big jug of Tropical Punch and we loaded up the wagon and had a picnic at the park.

This week we made decoupaged treasure trunks out of shoe boxes that I painted gold. I started with the idea last spring when we made Maddie a Harry Potter trunk.

The kids picked out lots of pictures that they liked or inspired them from various magazines then we used Modge Podge to stick them on the shoe boxes.  We also made dream diaries (an idea we got from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).  I also painted composition notebooks gold and the kid’s labeled them with their names and we Modge Podged that onto the little journals. We listened to the CD of the Tale of Despereaux. We talked about dreams, nightmares, and daydreams and the importance of having dreams in all respects and setting goals. When it was time for pick up,  the triplet’s mom surprised me with this beautiful bunch of Gerber daisies which absolutely made my day!

On Friday morning, we set off bright and early for a little weekend traveling and a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit our friend’s who just moved a few weeks ago.  We had a wonderful time playing with their daughter’s and their dog.The girl’s loved playing with their DS games and now I guess we all know what Maddie wants for her birthday.

The first night we arrived we attended a wonderful concert in the park and spotted this strangely deformed tree and kept trotting right on past a “danger” sign.

The next day we got a tour of Milwaukee which is a beautiful city on Lake Michigan. We played at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum for a really long time and enjoyed the toothbrush exhibit where they suggest humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to yourself to make sure you brush your teeth long enough.

The girls loved the theatre and driving the bus. Maddie played with the drum set in the toddler area while the baby climbed through a tunnel that looked like a tree.

at the end of our day trip to Milwaukee, we were all very tired, epecially the little one.

A few side notes about this week: the country finally reached a debt deal, Maddie twisted her ankle and sprained it a bit, the baby ate a bunch of tomatoes right out of the garden and enjoyed brushing her own teeth with her sister. She is teething big time and chewing on everything. Angie got a brand new toy helicopter from our friend Pat and her family when they came over for dinner last Saturday night. They brought Maddie a game about telling time too. All in all, it was a terrific week!

Last year for our D and T weeks we: got to spend a lot of time with Daddy during his day off, spent time with our friend Darcy, her daisies and went to DQ, visited our local drum shop for the first time, saw a great big rubber duck at a garage sale, went downtown Minneapolis and visited Target headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.

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T is for Treasure Trunk

This fall we started a new chapter in our literary lives….yep, we got a Harry Potter fan in the house.  She tends to think she belongs more with the Hufflepuff House (and her dad too…”just and loyal, patient, and unafraid of toil.”  I like to think I’m a bit more Ravenclaw myself and the wee one definitely belongs in Gryffindor, she even goes to a daycare who’s emblem is a griffin).

If I could I would buy her this box of the hardcover book set however, the reviews sound like the box is pretty flimsy and breaks easily…so, why not just keep buying the books used and place them in this wonderful homemade box we made!  Here’s how we made it:
First I requested a copy paper box from Freecycle. Then I purchased a jar of gold metallic, black, and red paint from our local craft store.  I pulled the back apart and used heavy duty tape in the back to tape it so it opened and shut like a trunk. Then we painted it with the gold paint.  We painted it with two layers and smeared the top layer around in circles to give it a neat and old time look and texture. Next we printed off a bunch of Harry Potter pictures. We used Mod Podge to Decoupage the pictures onto the top of the trunk. This website has lots of factoids about Harry Potter and great graphics. I especially like the Hogwarts House crests.

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T is for Time at Target

After touring WCCO’s television station we crossed Nicollet Avenue to have lunch with Elsa’s dad who works at Target headquarters.  I haven’t seen Maddy so happy as when John (Elsa’s dad) surprised her with a little Spot the Dog stuffed animal.



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I started these dresses for my young friends Christine (the teen), Kari (the tween), and Megan (the tot) back in late summer/early fall.  I had hoped to have them done by Thanksgiving or at least Christmas, but alas I got a bit behind.  I just delivered the dresses on Monday and the girls loved them, except for Maggie Rose who was quite put out that we would interupt her wii-ing to put on a stupid dress. Making the dress for the older girls was quite a challenge, especially Christine’s. I’m a bit out of practice with the whole dart thing.  I was completely surprised to find that Christine loves her dress. I found all of the material at a local thrift store. All of the black velvet was made out of a curtain.  How’s that for re-purposing?  Here’s a picture of Megan (named after moi) and me sitting next to my dear friend Angela (their mom) holding baby Angela who was named after, yep you guessed it.

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T is for Teddybear

Maddy stuffing her bear

Maddy noticed a pattern I had bought at a thrift store last spring to make stuffed animals and begged me to make her own teddybear. How could I say no?  So, we bought this impossibly messy poodle fleece and stuffing, dug out a few old buttons, and a red ribbon and I went to work while she was in school.  She Loves the bear

It absolutely made her day when she stepped off the bus to know that immediately following snack time, her job was to stuff the little guy.  Then I sewed up his backend and TA DA we have a teddybear!  He’s not perfect, but I think that’s his charm. Plus, on the way to her friend Bridget’s house to play later that afternoon she said to me, “Mom, his ears aren’t the way I wanted and his eyes are quite even, but I love him all the same and he’s perfect to me because you made him.”  I guess my teddybear is a six-year-old girl because I wanted to squeeze her till her stuffing came out!

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