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G is for GG’s Garden

GG was my Great Grandma. She was an old lady with a wrinkly neck who’s laugh sometimes scared me.

She used to play on the ground with me and pretend to be a tiger who wanted to eat me.









Mama says she died and went to Heaven. But, I don’t know where that is and what a real angel looks like.

We went to her funeral and she laid in a box. We said goodbye. How do you say goodbye to someone who’s already gone?

Today the sun was bright and we went outside. Mama planted some seeds in the garden. She says they’ll grow into flowers soon.

She gave me a big rock and some paints. She told me to paint a butterfly on the rock.

So, I used my favorite colors – pink and purple and painted a beautiful butterfly. Just like the balloon at GG’s birthday party.  I’ve never seen so many candles on a cake before.

Mama put the rock in the garden with the seeds she planted and said life comes and goes and must enjoy the coming and accept the going.

Daddy built me a little bench, just my size to put in the garden.

Summer is here and the flowers are big and pretty. I sit on my bench in the garden and look at the butterfly rock and it reminds of me of GG and the fun we had. It makes me happy and sad but mostly happy.

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