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R is for Raptors

Yesterday, we took advantage of the long weekend for President’s Day and brought our Girl Scout troop to the Raptor Center. The girls were delighted to donate in person the $100 raised from their Valentine’s Day party last Sunday and the staff at the Minnesota Raptor Center was kind enough to give us a wonderful tour of the Center to meet many of the beautiful sick, injured, and healing raptors.  We learned quite a bit about these amazing creatures and had a great time.

We are so blessed to have such a great group of girls with such big hearts and involved parents who support the kindness and generosity of their daughters, not to mention the blessings of the amazing Raptor Center with its dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors.  The Raptor Center has many programs for groups such as scouts with tons of information found on this page.

Mark your calendars:  On May 5 between 11 AM – 2 PM there will be a Raptor Release event at the Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington.

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On Friday, June 10, we celebrated the last day of school and kicked off our Alphabet Summer 2011 with a Root Beer Float Fundraiser for Children’s Tumor Foundation at a local park.  It was a bit of a chilly night and we had a little rain but the 36 people who joined us all seemed to have a good time and we raised $46.

Sunday afternoon was spent in East St. Paul where we celebrated the 17th birthday/release from rehab and return home party for a dear friend’s daughter.  She’s now old enough to go to R movies alone, but not X!  Which reminds me of a little behind the scenes chuckle I had.

Back in January when we were super sick of snow, we started planning for alphabet summer by pulling letters out of a hat and assigning them to the weeks of summer.  The first two letters for the first week were X and R. I thought that was pretty funny but got kind of concerned when the next two letters were S and M.  I decided I had to step in and fix that. A good buddy suggested last summer that we have an adult alphabet summer but mostly wanted it to be centered around alcoholic beverages such as V is for vodka but I’m just too sleep deprived for that kind of activity!

On Monday we started our library tour by going to Ridgedale Regional Center Library.  It’s a super awesome library with it’s own Dunn Brothers and used book store. We had fun playing in the huge children’s section and spent some time studying Russia. We renewed a book and checked out a bunch of new ones to start our summer reading program.

When we got home, the neighbor kids wanted to play. Because our backyard is a big old mess due to the renovation of our garage, I got the kids to sit and read for awhile on the front step.

In the evening, we grabbed a picnic dinner and walked over to Roosevelt Park only to discover it was actually Lincoln Park.  It was still fun. We ate our picnic and the girls played a lot.  Maddie enjoyed the rock climbing wall and the baby has become a master at slides. It wasn’t quite as exciting as rock climbing at REI like last summer though.

Wednesday brought a lot of excitement because Maddie entered the retail world and is now a Junior Artist at The Linden Tree where she makes and sells cat toys made with ribbons, bells, and feathers.  Her brand name is Crafty Kitty.

Thursday brought our first ever Alphabet Summer Craft Camp. We had 10 kids in attendance and a good time was had by all.  To celebrate the letters of the week, we started with a pirate theme (Rrrrrrrrrrr) and X marks the spot.  The kids did a “Tape the treasure chest on the spot” game we got at the Dollar Store. Then the kids went on a little treasure hunt in the house where they located four treasure chests filled with toys Maddie was ready to give away. I bought a pirate party cupcake kit on clearance at Joann Fabric and the kids decorated the cupcakes and ate them after they had their princess pasta for lunch. The next part of the camp was my favorite. Our long time friend Colleen who has some absolutely amazing hair, dressed up as the Real Life and read the story to the kids.  Then the kids made their own Rapunzel craft so they can hang their barrettes on a long yellow braid made with yarn and ribbon. The boys decided to forgo the princess craft and made their own treasure chests. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the movie Tangled and playing inside and out.

Friday morning I got a little time off while Maddie went to her friend Sophie’s house to make a gift for me and the two other leaders of our Girl Scout Troop.  I took the baby and walked around the neighborhood for two hours.  When we returned, the girls surprised us with our own bridging event and sashes filled with wonderfully thoughtful badges. It was pure joy for me to be rewarded like this.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Richfield pool for a refreshing swim and met up with her friend Frannie who is also a Girl Scout.  It was lots of fun and the baby refused to leave the pool. I’m just glad I can still pick her up and carry her because there was no way to negotiate with her.  We all bid farewell to Frannie and her family because they are relocating to Sydney, Australia.

Later that evening I realized that I left my drivers license, credit cards, and pool passes at the pool (obviously the result of doing too much!). My heart was racing. We returned to the pool but they were gone so the phone calls to the credit companies began. To take my mind off this annoying mishap, I took the girls to the Ring Mountain Cafe and Creamery to have some raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.  There was a band playing and the restaurant is decorated beautifully. Even though it’s in a strip mall next to a likely man-made lake, we sat outside and I imagine we were overlooking a river. It was very nice.

I was researching the web and found a few other folks who are doing their own alphabet summers. I intend to check in on them over the summer to find some more ideas and inspiration.


Saturday we spent the day lounging in the house and literally did nothing. I did a little sewing but mostly rested.  I finished this little romper with red ric rac for the baby. I never did get around to doing any cross-stitching (you know, making a bunch of Xs). I watched a bunch of reruns of Fame and said happy birthday to an ex-boyfriend on Facebook. The Xs really got overlooked this year…but oh well. We got a take out pizza and walked in the rain and got eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

And, now for a little reminiscing, last summer for the letter R we:
went on a River boat and saw River dance, toured the Rose Garden, and suffered from a little regression. For X we saw a real X-ray and made a couple of Xs at Minnehaha Falls and the State Fair.

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R is for Richfield

City of Richfield Recreation Programs
Adventure Gardens Mini Golf
Richfield Outdoor Pool
Richfield Ice Arena
Woodlake Nature Center

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It feels like winter is never going to end and we are dreaming of the nice warm sunny days of summer ahead.  Instead of going through the alphabet from A to Z like we did last year, we are going to do a “random” alphabet summer by pulling the letters of the alphabet out of a hat (well, we used a bowl).  My cousin Cyndee came up with this idea.  We are also starting to compile lists of things we want to do and places we want to go. I welcome your suggestions!

Here’s our 2011 Alphabet Summer Random Schedule:

Jun 16  X & R
Jun 23  E & V
Jun 30  M & S
Jul 7  C & H
Jul 14  L & F
Jul 21  Z & K
Jul 28  T & P
Aug 4  D &A
Aug 11  B, I, & Q
Aug 18  S, H, & N
Aug 25  O, J, & W
Sep 1  Y, U, & G

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R is for Redux

My little Hippy Chic fell in love with the print on this dress we bought for half price at the Arc last month.  It was a girl’s size 14 and it was just plain ugly.   Using a sparkly new purple fabric and McCall’s 5135 (purchased at Saver’s for 69 cents a few months ago) we revived this dress and turned it into a funky and modern shirt she loves.

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R is for Refreshing

After a long car ride we had ice cream at Cone Brothers 66th and Penn Avenue in Richfield.

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R is for Running

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