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P and N week has come and gone. We transitioned from T and D week in Grafton, Wisconsin to P and N quite nicely. On Saturday we spent the morning at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and played in the puppet place and pizza restuarant. Then headed back to the Craun’s home for some real pizza, snap peas, and popscicles for lunch.  We spent the afternoon at the pool and the girls put on a pop princess show after dinner followed by a walk to their nearby park where we met some of their new neighbors.


Sunday, we headed back to the little apple city but first took our wonderful host family out to breakfast at the Heart of Grafton Family Restaurant where we had plenty of pancakes but the service was super pokey and putzy leaving us in a nasty mood.  While we were waiting we checked out the Paramont Plaza Walk of Fame and walked on the giant piano with the names of the artists who recorded music at Paramont Records. Here’s the view from the sky. I gave each of the kids a penny to make a wish in the little pond.

Shortly after breakfast, we said our sad goodbyes and drove to a brief tour of Port Washington then slowly made our way across Wisconsin to stop in at Grammy and GrandpAl’s for pizza. (which never gets old!) As we arrived, the baby woke from her nap and started chewing on her little piggies.

Just like last year,during out N week we celebrated what was previously called National Night Out but is now called Night to Unite with our neighbors by starting out on the odd side of the street by playing in the pool and pushing each other around the driveway in little cars.

Then we headed back to the not so odd (I mean even) side of the street where we were greeted by a police officer on his to motorcycle.  We had a great BBQ at our next door neighbor’s house and I put pig tails in the girls’ hair.

On Wednesday, I pulled off our third story time at Bellies to Babies on my own because the baby was with Denyse and the big girl was at Forces of Nature camp learning about tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  Her teacher promised the kids wouldn’t make any magical items that cause these horrific events so we wouldn’t have a repeat of rainforest camp. The fourth day of the camp she came home soaking wet and I asked her what happened, her response was, “a tsunami” and then she ran off into her room to change. On the last day when I picked her up, the teacher and all the kids were outside with a big plastic pop bottle filled with vinegar and baking soda letting it pop the cork off into the street. Needless to say, it was a very fun camp.

Back to story time. My audience was very small but just the right size. I read to little Mr. Avery who is THE best listener a storyteller could ever wish for. I read plenty of Winnie-the-Pooh, Miss Spider’s Tea Party, Oh the Places You’ll Go, Harold and the Purple Crayon (which is plum full of “P” words). He wasn’t so interested in My Little Pony, the princess stories, or Fancy Nancy. After we finished reading, we lined up all the books and made them fall like dominoes a few times.

We had hoped to go to Paint Your Plate with our little friend Parker P. but ended up at the pool instead because of the big brother Phil factor which was fine by me.  It was a beautiful hot day and we postponed Paint Your Plate for another day.

Initially I had different plans for our craft camp. We were going to make pretzels, learn about the food pyramid, and make noodle necklaces but because we had so many children who wanted to come for fairy week and I couldn’t fit them all in, we made pixie nooks instead.  This by far was my favorite craft of the summer and for the first time, I joined in and made my own.

Each nook contained a small house for the pixie (a tiny birdhouse painted and embellished), a clothes line with tiny little clothes hangers, a bird, a flower, a fence, and tiny little marbles (thanks Julie!) for walking paths. We used take out containers from Noodles (where we had to go for lunch that day just to have enough for all the kids coming). The kids were really proud of their little pixie nooks and we listened to the Trouble with Tink  CD while we crafted.

That night several of the pixie nooks were visited with a little glitter from their pixie, a note and for some of the lucky kids a few artifacts to indicate what kind of pixie they were. Maddie’s was a golfing pixie with a tiny little club, tee, and ball. My was a gardening pixie with a few little gardening tools. The neighbor girls Bridget and Nia both had sewing fairies move in with tiny little thread bobbins, and the little boy across the street had his dream of a boy pixie come true with an electricity pixie named Paul.

The next day, I got to work on our own little Pixie Place where all magical and mythical creatures are welcome (even big baby trolls as pictured below). All children are welcome and any adults with fanciful natures. Non-believers keep out! I bought this darling little door at The Linden Tree.

A few other things about our N and P week include eating pork chops and Fig Newtons, cheering on the Nature Center runners with pom poms on Saturday morning and working on my pretend porch patio paver project. We completely gave up on the library, park, ice cream aspect this week…no, I take that back!  I got to have a little time with my long time friend Patricia on Saturday afternoon when we hung out and had ice cream at Anodyne in South Minneapolis. She had the Nicollet Pothole and I had Pavaratti.

The crafty kid made me my very own penseieve this week. Just want I always wanted!

Last year we celebrated the letters N and P by getting some new shoes,  ate noodles with our neighbors the headed off to Nickolodeon Universe at the Mall of America, and went to Noodles with our friends Elsa and Anna. W enjoyed going to Paint Your Plate, finally growing our hair out long enough to put it in pig tails, refusing to nap until we got pooped out, helping to paint a mural, making a personalized patch for our pants, having a procedure at the hospital, putting with papa, attending cousin Katie’s pool party, throwing a Pink Polka Dotted Paper Mache Pinata Party, and sewing polka dotted curtains

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N is for New Shoes

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N is for Noodles

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