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M is Mish Mash!

I’m so excited to share with you all that beginning today throughout this weekend, all Pearl Girl items sold at Mish Mash Studio will be Buy Two Get One Free! 

This sale includes the new American Girl items I have made such as holiday dresses, ponchos (just made this week!), and sleeping bags in addition to all the funky jeans, onesies, and craft aprons, coffee cozies, and punching pillows that are for sale at the store made by moi.  If any of these items are sold out, I will custom make you one for the same B2G1 deal.

Please hurry over to see all the many wonderful vintage and art items they sell and get yourself some Pearl Girl stuff to give for Christmas!!!!!

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This week we started our M and W week by giving my mom a tour of the little shops where I sell some of my Pearl Girl stuff including The Linden Tree and Mish Mash Studio. Then we traveled to Maple Lake to Aunt Mo and Uncle Mark’s house to celebrate our niece Ellie’s (aka Mini Mo) 9th birthday.  Then we headed back to home with cousin Ellie for a little sleepover and a party to celebrate the birthday of our friend Charles (who had many candles on his cake) and a farewell as his family Martha, Julia, and McKenna move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a few weeks. They will be missed dearly and will always be welcomed back for visits.

When we woke up on Monday morning, Maddie dressed up like Madeline and read Madeline and the Bad Hat to Ellie and Angie. We also played Wii Wrestling (a gift Ellie received for her birthday).

After that, we brought Ellie home and stopped at McDonald’s for lunch in Buffalo, then played with her at the Maple Lake park.

Even though we had fulfilled our “Park of the Week” quota, we stopped by Madison Park on Monday night and had fun on the monkey bars and the wobbly walk way.

On Tuesday, I had a little me-time got a massage using a Groupon coupon.

Wednesday, we woke to jack-hammering because we’re having some major work done to our driveway and garage. To escape the noise and the dust, we split and hit the park by our house then went to the Wild Rumpus book store in Linden Hills. After that we celebrated Weiner dog Wednesday with our Colleen (aka Rapunzel). Diamond and Sapphire the weiner dogs threw a great party for us out at Cleary Lake where we enjoyed having weiners for lunch We missed their little hot dog costumes. I guess they didn’t like wearing them that much. The baby one even wore an outfit with little weiner dogs on it that I bought at Bellies to Babies a few weeks ago. Colleen made a wonderful waldorf salad and sugar cookies in the shape of weiner dogs. She even brought Whoppers for the occassion. After lunch, we played in the water a bit where Maddie caught a little winged creature (a baby dragonfly perhaps?), then we took the dogs for a walk in their own stroller. At the end of the day, we were all wiped out.

That night I had dinner with an old college friend who’s last name is Winter. She met me at our home, then we walked to dinner and ate food made in a wok!

Four kids joined us for Craft Camp this week.  Our Alphabet Celebrity this week was McKenna. Our topics and projects were Melting and the Wild Wild West.   We learned about the science of heat and melting by melting crayons with molds into new shapes. Then we melted soap and used cookie cutters to make wild wild west shapes of a cowboy hat and boot. I read Rough Tough Charley to the kids because we had a little boy by the name of Charlie join us for camp. He came dressed in his cowboy hat and boots.  The book was about a cowboy named Charley who we thought was a man but was  really a woman.

We walked around Woodlake Nature Center again and we all literally melted from the heat. The mosquitos were terrible despite coating the kids with much spray. We came up with a number of items that started with m and w and looked for them during our walk like a little scavenger hunt. We looked for woodpeckers and willows but found the following: map, moth, mud, milkweed, mosquitoes, monster, meal worm,  muskrats, marching, migration, mirage, mucky, muggy, marsh, mink, marigolds, moles, mallard, mariposa, monarcha, marshwater, miniature frog, walking, water, woods,  wooden walkwaywings and wind. Most of all I just enjoyed being in the moment and enjoyed spending time with these beautiful curious wee ones.

That night we met dad after work at The Malt Shop (where we used a Crowd Cut Coupon – love those discounts!) for dinner and had a malt of course! That counted as our ice cream of the week spot.

Cousin Connor spent Friday afternoon with us and we dared to go out in the heat (with no air conditioning in the car) to  Washburn Library in South Minneapolis. There was a fish named Moby in the children’s section, but the thing I liked the most was this ceiling mural. It made me think of Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit’s hole. While we were there, Connor introduced us to a book about a marching duck in Memphis called John Sousa Duck.

The last few things that happened this week that had to do with the letters M and W were having Maddie model a few dresses she received from a friend who had outgrown them. Enduring the growing mess in the yard as our new garage and driveway are being worked on, and getting our daily giggle when we watch the baby wake up with wild hair every morning. We finished up our week by heading out of town to Wisconsin to spend the fourth of July with the Meuli family.

Last year our M & W weeks were filled with a messy baby who was mouthing everything, hanging out at the swimming pool  with mom and my sister for lessons, a trip to MagiQuest with our buddy Theo M.,  the Minnesota Institute of Arts with Ann, Kaya, and Aly; dinner at the Malt Shop with Mr. Mike; walking around the maze at Centennial Lakes, playing maracas at the Mall of America, walking way below the Wabasha Bridge in St. Paul, going to the Walker Art Museum and the dandilion water fountain on a windy day with Elsa, and lastly, fighting over the brand new Wii wand we bought at the Dollar Store.

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Mish Mash had a wonderfully successful grand opening last weekend and so did Pearl Girl.

I spent this entire week sewing and hope to have another successful weekend.  That’s a picture of beautiful Marlena (one of the co-owners of the shop) and the tot (wearing her brand new crocheted sweater we purchased at Mish Mash).  Annie (the other owner created this funky front window display).

I found the vintage Little Boy Blue lamp and switch plate at a garage sale in the neighborhood. Annie added the lampshade.  The lamp is very reminiscent to the Humpty Dumpty lamp I had growing up and now lights up our story time.

I dropped off a bunch of aprons including craft aprons and even one made with vintage fabric (can you guess which one that is?)  I bought at another garage sale in our neighborhood.  We’re really lucky to have some great garage and estate sales around here.

I finally got around to making a little boy’s (or girl’s!) tool belt. This was Crystal’s idea and request from two years ago.  I delivered one to Bellies to Babies too.

Lastly, I put together a few Pearl Girl packages: a picnic kit which includes a beautiful old fashioned picnic basket, blanket, and even a few ants and bugs (don’t worry, they’re plastic).

Of course, I had to do something for Mother’s Day, so I created this little gift bag with a few fun goodies with a card and beautiful and really long mauve pearl necklace with a heart toggle.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Please check out Mish Mash for some treasures this weekend!

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I’m so excited to be a small part of some really cool local business ventures that are gaining momentum and public exposure.  Crystal Pollard, the owner of Bellies to Babies, was interviewed last week by Twin Cities Live and furnished the clothing for their on air maternity fashion show this past Wednesday. Here is the recorded episode. I’m so grateful to Crystal for giving me multiple opportunities to sell my creations at Bellies to Babies.

This past week I’ve been busy making a new set of dresses and craft aprons for a brand new store called Mish Mash. This project gave me the opportunity to shop at one of my favorite local sewing stores called Sewtropolis on Diamond Lake Road and Nicollet Avenue in South Minneapolis.  It’s a beautiful store with equally beautiful fabric.

My friend and neighbor Marlena and her business partner Annie are very close to the grand opening of a fabulous new store called Mish Mash located next to Snuffy’s Malt Shop off of Valley View Road in Edina.  The store is so incredibly fun and filled with super funky artistic creations and vintage stuff.  it kind of felt like a walk down memory lane with some of the really cool antiques that reminded me of my grandma. I cannot wait for the store to open on April 28.

Today I dropped off a number of items to sell and grabbed a few photos of the shop to share with you all.

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M is for Mouthing Everything

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M is for MagiQuest

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