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With both the front and back yard all torn up, there’s no place to play outside and boredom has hit our little home big time. So I figured it was time to packed up my first born and drop her off at Spanish camp so she wouldn’t forget everything she learned this past school year. The theme of the week was the life in the rainforest.  I think the teacher’s lessons were a little too effective because immediately after they made beautiful rain sticks it began to rain and rain and rain until the school had water coming in both the front and the back door, every intersection on my way to pick her up was flooded with over a foot of water including the parking lot, and the most frustrating part was the water that came in both our kitchen and basement.  That was not fun and the F word was used liberally and I don’t mean the word fart. Luckily, the rain was nice and warm, but Maddie was freezing when she stepped into the air conditioning. The following days have been incredibly humid and muggy and just as I would expect the rainforest to feel like.  We’re really hoping this week’s camp about the Carribean has much more pleasant weather.

On Tuesday, I finally cut my hair and donated 13 inches to Locks of Love.  I gave Paula full permission to cut and style it as she liked and I think she did a fabulous job.  It feels so good to have short hair in the heat of summer. After I got my haircut, I went and bought a bunch of beautiful flowers at Wagner’s Greenhouse. I had hoped to go there during our W week but didn’t get a chance. I’m glad I waited a little bit because I got some really wonderful herbs and perrennials at a very very low price and I used my $10 off coupon from the Chinook Book. It was nice to have a distraction from focusing on how our garage project has fallen to the back burner this week because of all the rain.

I got to debut my new pixie cut for our fairy focused craft camp. The whole day was bit frantic and I felt like a real lunatic by the end of it.  We had ten kids join us this week because the theme was a favorite topic for so many: fairies, lemonade, and luggage tags.  We focused on the fairy aspect because it was raining and a bit cold outside so no lemonade stand and I completely forgot about the luggage tag deal until Theo reminded me, oops.  When I realized it would probably rain, I put a note out on Facebook requesting a fairy movie.  Grace and Ava brought Barbie Fairytopia but it kept skipping. I had the kids working on lots of crafts so they wouldn’t get bored. It got to be pretty chaotic toward the end.  I usually like to break our day up a bit with a walk or field trip somewhere in the neighborhood, a snack, and transitional games or a relevant movie.  I was missing Maddie because she was at camp until 12:30 PM and she does such a good job with keeping the kids busy and occupied while I cook and prepare for the next craft.

We started the day off by reviewing as many magical creatures as we could think of. I printed out some definitions for most of them so we could sort out the similarities and differences between fairies, pixies, gnomes, leprachauns, and trolls. The crafts I chose were a very big hit. We started by making fairy houses out of yogurt and plant containers.  I prepared them the day before by cutting out little doors in all of them and painting them with a metallic gold textured paint. The kids choose from various supplies including fruit loops, ribbons, moss, grass clipping and fence cut outs, and butterfly stickers. Each and every one of them was absolutely lovely and their was more than enough pride to go around.

The kids each made their own flower crown, and designed their own fairy. Here is a darling paper doll that looks fun to do. We never got around to doing that craft. Here is a wonderful website that has many additional fairy crafts and activities. I had the kid’s make a fridge magnet with a butterfly sticker. That craft turned into a major flop because the sticker was too glossy and the glue we used didn’t work.  When Maddie got home, she got to work and helped the kids make their very own magic wands which I thought was a brilliant idea but made me a nervous wreck because they used BBQ skewers and I was afraid someone would lose an eye.

Lunch was rather simple with magic wand sandwiches made with ham and turkey lunch meat, peanut butter for the vegetarians and jelly for the picky kid with the peanut butter allergy. We also enjoyed Ore Rida pixie crinkle french fries and Tinkerbell fruit snacks for dessert.

Our field trip to neighbor Bonita’s garden was put off until the last minute because of the rain.  At the end of the day, we were able to take a walk around the neighborhood to see Miss Bonnie’s beautiful flowers. She even left a little treat of candy for all of the kids.

We walked past Marilyn and Rose’s gardens too.  Rose lives in one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood from a time when our city was mostly farmland. As we were walking past Rose’s house, we saw a really big fluffy dog just like craft camper Grace’s dog Shelby.

Elsa showed us her beautiful fairy garden and Maddie showed us the little garden she and Elsa made to celebrate the life of her deceased fish Raincloud they made in Elsa’s backyard. When the parent’s came to pick up their kids I was feeling like a bit of a failure, but they were kind enough to compliment me on my flexibility after having to contend with so much scheduling flip flopping.

On Friday night we had some much needed family time and got to spend the evening with our favorite guy – father!  We had dinner at Famous Dave’s in Linden Hills then went to look at the Farmer’s Insurance Zepplin (woo hoo!  next week is Z week…that counts right?) We learned the difference between a zepplin and a blimp – a zepplin has a frame and a blimp does not.

The girls are very fortunate to have a dad who is a pilot. We went for a full moon flight in daddy’s airplane out of Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie. It wasn’t a long flight. Baby was pretty fearful but she did really well. Afterwards she couldn’t stop saying, “airplane! airplane!”  She loved holding the yoke while we were refueling. We didn’t see the full moon up in the sky but got a few peaks when we were driving home.  Because of the humidity it was a very bumpy flight. I was very grateful it wasn’t a long flight because I left my relief band at home. Last year we saw the sunset from the sky and it was Angela’s first flight.

This week, we were downright lazy and completely skipped the library and park deals but I did feed the kids plenty of frozen yogurt to fulfill our ice cream quota. Yesterday morning I made pancakes with farm fresh eggs. I was hoping to go to the farmer’s market to buy fresh and local produce but that lazy thing hit again. On Saturday night we were invited to a fun little fiftieth birthday party for our neighbor Shelly and saw a few old friends Mike and Kenny and even made a new friend named Michael who lives less than a block from us.

A few other notes about our F and L week include: contacting our friend Florence using Facebook who is originally from Zambia to come speak to the kid next week when we celebrate the letters O and Z.  to see if she would come talk to the kids next week about growing up in Zambia.

Last year we spent our F and L weeks like this: we flew the flag during the fourth of July, spent the fourth of July at Grammy and GrandpAl’s house and had lots of fun and fights with our cousins, made a fairy garden and visited Elsa’s fairy garden, hung out with the other first born cousins Ellie and Molly, went to the fair with Clara,  made heart-shaped pancakes to show our love for Sophie, found baby’s lost sunglasses, lemonade stand and found a very large caterpillar, walked through a labrynth, and went swimming at Lake Nokomis,

OK, I’ve had enough F’s for the week….I just spent the last hour trying to restore an “autosave” mistake and after much freaking out and frustration, I finally figured it out and I’m ready to hit the yellow brick road….O Z week that is!

Oh, I almost forgot!  They started framing our garage this week!

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Linden Hills is home to all kinds of wonderful treats and treasures and the newest addition is Pearl Girl! Yesterday I dropped off five sets of pinafores and shorts  of sized 12 months to 4 years. I made them with material that is sold at The Linden Tree. The store is filled with the beautfiul colorful and high quality fabric and is a sewist delight! The shop owner Melissa is also a sewist and was filled with all kinds of inspirational ideas and feedback for my projects. Even Maddie got in on the action and is selling cat toys as a Junior Artist under the name Crafty Kitty. If you have the opportunity, please check out the Linden Tree. In addition to Pearl Girl items, there are many unique and beautiful hand made items for sale including all kinds of fairy kits and tree doors for elves!

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L is for Libraries

Exploring your local library system is a great way to encourage reading and have fun going to new places.  Here is a listing of all the libraries in Hennepin County.

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L is for Love

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L is for Lemonade Stand

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L is for Labrynth

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We’ve been getting into a nice little Friday afternoon habit of heading to the city pool, area wading pools, and beaches then meeting Daddy there after work. Today I brought the girls to Lake Nokomis an area of the Twin Cities where I used to own a duplex 12 years ago. The sand was so hot it burned our little toes. The girls loved it. The light hitting the water was magical and the baby laughed and laughed in the water. She was a very colicky baby so seeing her laugh was extra special.

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