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Our E and V week was another very rainy week but we had quite a bit of fun despite the lack of sun (hey, that rhymes!)  We started if off with our usual trip to the library and visited another one we had never been to before by going to the Edina Library. It’s quite a bit smaller than the Ridgedale Library but has these beautiful stained glass windows and a separate room for children’s story time.  went very well.

We enjoyed the Edina Creamery immensely. I was planning to have vanilla ice cream but thought better and enjoyed a chocolate chip instead.

We kicked off our Alphabet Summer Story Time at Bellies to Babies on Wednesday morning and had one darling audience member named Juniper. Maddie did a terrific job reading books and she acted out the Very Hungry Caterpillar with the posters I made for her fourth birthday party.

Five children attended our E and V craft camp.  Our theme was Elephants and Vincent Van Gough.  A Facebook friend asked if we were going to draw elephants with only one ear….hee hee. We kept it kid-friendly and failed to mention VV’s episodes of insanity.

We kicked the day off with a song and a craft about elephants, had a little snack then took a hike through our neighborhood nature center to catch some inspiration from the great outdoors.  Zoe spotted a pretty little blue robin’s egg on a leaf and the kid’s all stopped to draw it.  It was a cold windy June day with big threatening clouds but thankfully they stayed overcast and stayed fat with rain  instead of sharing it with us.We didn’t find much of anything let alone anything that started with E or V, I guess we saw some vines in the woods but we did talk about princesses and evil villians.

When we got back we had some lunch which included vegetables (of course) and the food was edible (given my lack of cooking skills I was quite surprised). While I prepared lunch, the kids practiced and put on a play about the robin egg they found.  We enjoyed an afternoon painting session with my friend Sheila who has a degree in art. She was the perfect person to have as a helper and a wonderful artist herself. We asked the kids to paint a self-portrait and I was thoroughly impressed by all of them.At the end of the camp, one of the mom’s, my dear friend Ann, shared her beautiful artwork with us also. It was a wonderful art-filled day for all of us.







We ended the week on Saturday by going to our local farmer’s market which is quite small but has everything you would ever want at a farmer’s market.  We enjoyed playing at Veteran’s Park next to the market and of course had to make the baby ride the little elephant.

On Sunday we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my niece Ellie’s ninth birthday on Sunday then brought her home for a sleepover. We also enjoyed playing on our new concrete slab where the garage will soon be built with Ellie.

We did a little make up play by walking over to Roosevelt Park (remember last week we walked to the wrong park). We ran into a ton of roadwork on the way there and home.

Some of the additional  E and V things we did this week was to watch Veggie Tales and made a veggie pizza. I never did get around to making elephant ears but I did catch an episode of Every Day Edison and considered entering my own little invention of Meal Magnets.  I continued my entrepreneurial effort at The Linden Tree by dropping off five sets of pinafore outfits and headbands.

Last year when we celebrated the letter E and V we visited the Enchanted Rock Garden with our friend Elsa, made Emo Doh, wished our cousin Ellie a happy eighth birthday, read a book about Elvis, shopped at Value Village, and made a model volcano.

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E is for Embroidery

This is an idea I picked up from SouleMama’s book Handmade Home. She has several examples of hand embroidered work she’s done based on drawings by her children. So, I made this night-time-baby holding- nursing-bottle-feeding pillow out of characters from a little storybook Maddy wrote and illustrated.  I can’t remember what the story was about but I know the purple creature is a Care Bear (should have been a blue Baby Tugs bear – my mistake) and I’m the creature in the red thread.

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E is for EMO-DOH

I created “Emo-Doh” last summer to help The Mad One deal with overwelming emotions such as anger, saddness, and even happiness (or usually excited anticipation) by taking Play Doh and covering them with these little labels. When she’s really angry and wants to hit or hurt, I pull out the Mad Emo Doh and let her pound on it. If she’s sad or sulky, here comes the Sad Emo Doh. If she’s really excited about something coming up and having a hard time waiting, I pull out the Glad Emo Doh and let her play with it. We’ve even started mixing up the Emo Doh when more complicated and mixed feelings arise, like worry or disappointment. It’s been a great visual and hands on technique for dealing with something so abstract as emotions.

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E is for Elmo

While we were shopping at Party City to prepare for Maddy’s seventh birthday party, Maddy asked Angela if she’d like a Mickey Mouse birthday or an Elmo birthday party. Angela replied “Elmo” twice so, Elmo it was! My neighbor Marlena who recently started her own dessert making business called, “Sew Sweet” made this darling Elmo cake. I found this size 6-8 Elmo outfit on Craigslist for $10 and we invited Elmo to the party. Our 5 year-old friend Kaya donned the outfit and jumped out of a box to surprise the baby and the crowd.

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We celebrated our niece Ellie Jo’s eighth birthday today. What an awesome cake!

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E is for Elvis

After Ellie’s birthday party, we brought her home for a sleepover.  The girls happened to find my Graceland Pop Up book and wanted to know who Elvis was.  We carefully looked through the pictures and I told them about Elvis and the real Graceland that Al and I visited in January 1999 to celebrate my birthday.

I received this beautiful pop up book as a gift when I “retired” as a board member of a local displaced homemaker’s non-profit.  This charity was always on the cutting block for budget cuts and the closer the cuts came, the closer to the door a stand up photo of Elvis would be placed all in hope that Elvis would stay in the office. It was some kind of inside joke and thankfully the cuts never allowed the director to say, “Elvis has left the building.”

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