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T is for Treasure Trunk

This fall we started a new chapter in our literary lives….yep, we got a Harry Potter fan in the house.  She tends to think she belongs more with the Hufflepuff House (and her dad too…”just and loyal, patient, and unafraid of toil.”  I like to think I’m a bit more Ravenclaw myself and the wee one definitely belongs in Gryffindor, she even goes to a daycare who’s emblem is a griffin).

If I could I would buy her this box of the hardcover book set however, the reviews sound like the box is pretty flimsy and breaks easily…so, why not just keep buying the books used and place them in this wonderful homemade box we made!  Here’s how we made it:
First I requested a copy paper box from Freecycle. Then I purchased a jar of gold metallic, black, and red paint from our local craft store.  I pulled the back apart and used heavy duty tape in the back to tape it so it opened and shut like a trunk. Then we painted it with the gold paint.  We painted it with two layers and smeared the top layer around in circles to give it a neat and old time look and texture. Next we printed off a bunch of Harry Potter pictures. We used Mod Podge to Decoupage the pictures onto the top of the trunk. This website has lots of factoids about Harry Potter and great graphics. I especially like the Hogwarts House crests.

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We found this shirt at Arc last week during their half off sale. It’s a wee bit big but she liked it and can wear it next year. As soon as she spotted it she said she wanted it but would need to fancy it up a bit. I never know what that means with this kid but I knew it would be creative.  I asked her if she wanted to buy an applique at Joann or something and she said she wanted to make her own patch like she did last summer.  She drew this beautiful rainbow fish then I scanned it into a PDF and printed it onto printer fabric.  I sewed it on and there you have it, a personalized patch.

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