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I’ve wanted to host a Valentine’s heARTS and CRAFTS fair for a few years now and after much hemming and hawing, I finally got around to doing it and for a great cause!  On Sunday, February 12, we gathered our 2nd grade Girl Scouts and asked them to bring their brothers, sisters, and a friend or two to join us for lots of crafty fun. The group decided to use this event as an opportunity to raise money for the Minnesota Raptor Center.

With a suggested donation of $5 per child, we had a total of 23 children gather at our home to get their sweetheart picture taken (with our red table cloth taped to the fireplace, we took each child’s picture, then I photoshopped the pictures into these cute Valentine’s borders.

Next, the children colored a picture of a pair of love birds for the coloring contest to honor the creatures the event supported. At the end of the event, we asked a few of the moms to pick their favorite picture and they chose Hannah’s. Hannah won a cupcake kit.  We also gave away a few additional door prizes.

The kids also had the opportunity to get their faces painted, to check out our “Sweetheart Sale” in the basement – clothes and toys sold with 10% going to the Raptor Center, and to create a heart-shaped sun catcher out of melted crayon shavings and wax paper.

We had Girl Scout cookies for sale and I sold a few of my Pearl Girl items, Megan R. sold Stella and Dot jewelry, Michelle C. sold her Usborne Books, Julie F. and her daughter sold scarves and hats they knitted themselves, my friend Ann had her beautiful watercolor and wire art, and Maddie sold $7 worth of her Crafty Kitty items which included cat toys (felted balls with jingles) and crayons melted into fun shapes like hearts and lips! 10% of the profits from these vendors were gathered to donate to the Raptor Center.

It was a REALLY fun day and we raised $100 to donate to the Raptor Center!

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I made these for the girls last year and this morning, so it is officially a tradition!  I used a meat pounder to break a candy cane into tiny pieces then threw it in with the pancake batter. After the pancakes were cooked, I used a Christmas cookie cutter to shape them and shook green and red sprinkles on them. I just wish I had put the sprinkles away before the baby got to them…


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P is for Pillows

Beatrix Potter pillows are $5 each and Punching Pillows are $15. Perfect for the kid who needs to work on their anger issues. I made this set of punching pillows out of two mens shirts.  Talk about up-cycling!

Receive a 10% discount if you email me at meganmmc@yahoo.com or via Facebook to purchase any of these items. 10% of my profit benefits a mission trip for Haiti Teen Challenge.

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Please join us on Saturday, December 3 at 6030 James Avenue South in Minneapolis for a craft sale to help prepare for the Christmas giving season AND raise funds for several wonderful charitable organizations. Refreshments will be provided.

Crafters include:
Ann Hotz Creations -framed pictures and ornaments combining re-purposed wire & paper with watercolor and The Word. A portion of the proceeds go to Feed Zambia

fungirlcandles made by Lynn Barnhart – 100% soy wax candles in recycled, hand cut wine bottles. $10 each or 6 for $50. Each candle comes in a gift bag. A portion of sales on December 3 will benefit Baby Space.

Unique Jewelry by Tammy Anderson:  Specializing in fun unique jewelry. Show casing a new line sea glass earrings and pendants from Lake Michigan, Agates from Minnesota and a fun vintage jewelry collection. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Joyce Food Shelf in Minneapolis.

Crafty Kitty – 8 year old Maddie will be selling hand made cat toys, American Girl doll sleeping bags/pillow sets, Christmas cards, and melted crayons. 10% of the proceeds will benefit The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Pearl Girl – A variety of hand sewn items including ornaments, headbands, little girl’s dresses art aprons, coffee cozies, bobby socks.  10% of the proceeds will benefit Haite Teen Challenge.  A drawing will be held at 12 PM December 3 for this brand new Christmas  set of Raggady Ann and Andy dolls and hand towels pictured below. Names and contact information were collected at the November 19 craft fair also.  Phone numbers will be used only to call the winner of the drawing and email addresses will be used to send updates on Pearl Girl’s Alphabet Adventures.

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The Kid was home sick from school last Monday and she begged me to pull out the Christmas decorations. She looked so miserable, so I decided to acquiesce just to cheer her up.  This is an very unique Advent calendar we made that is quite a bit different than your traditional calendar with little windows to open.

Using a black marker we wrote a fun activity or tradition we like to do before Christmas on each of the stockings. Then we punched a hole in each stocking and laced ribbon through each of them and tied them onto one really long piece of ribbon that was taped to the fireplace. I had to use a lot of tape and conceded that I may need to repaint the mantel at some point if the paint chips off. The beauty of this advent calendar is that you don’t have to do it in order. Initially I thought it would be great to figure what activities we like to do and in what order but it’s to difficult to plan our time that way.  It works best when at the end of the day we would look at the stockings and find the thing we did and then cut it off until there were no stockings left (that means Santa’s on his way and it’s time to hang his stockings!)  I added several “cushion” stockings with things like listened to Christmas music, watched a Christmas movie, or read Christmas books.  Other activities included:

  1. Set up Advent wreath and candles, lit the first on on the first Sunday of Advent and said a prayer
  2. Lit the second candle of Advent and said a prayer
  3. Lit the third candle of Advent and said a prayer
  4. Lit the fourth candle of Advent and said a prayer
  5. Set up Christmas tree
  6. Decorated the Christmas tree
  7. Set up the nativity scene and figurines
  8. Decorated the house for Christmas
  9. Set up snow globe collection on top of fireplace mantel
  10. Wrote a note to thank Santa for all the gifts and glad tidings he’s brought to me in years past and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you brought me ________this year (then put your shoe out in the front foyer with the letter for Santa) on St. Nicholas Day
  11. Made Christmas hot chocolate mugs and brought them to the neighbors (I’ll post this craft later)
  12. Went through toys and books and picked out some to donate to charity
  13. Bought a brand new toy to give to Toys for Tots
  14. Visited Santa (or these days it’s usually one of Santa’s elves) at the mall
  15. Wrapped presents for cousins and placed under the tree
  16. Sent Christmas cards
  17. Invited a friend over to make Christmas crafts
  18. Baked gingerbread cookies and decorate them (give some to the neighbors and keep some for Santa)
  19. Listened to Christmas music
  20. Read Christmas books
  21. Read Christmas books
  22. Watched Christmas movies
  23. Watched Christmas movies
  24. Pack suitcase for grandma’s house
  25. Leave out milk and cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer

Cost: $6.95 for red, green, and white foam stockings and silver gift wrapping ribbon at Michael’s.  Stockings were on sale and used 40% off coupons for ribbon.

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