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R is for Raptors

Yesterday, we took advantage of the long weekend for President’s Day and brought our Girl Scout troop to the Raptor Center. The girls were delighted to donate in person the $100 raised from their Valentine’s Day party last Sunday and the staff at the Minnesota Raptor Center was kind enough to give us a wonderful tour of the Center to meet many of the beautiful sick, injured, and healing raptors.  We learned quite a bit about these amazing creatures and had a great time.

We are so blessed to have such a great group of girls with such big hearts and involved parents who support the kindness and generosity of their daughters, not to mention the blessings of the amazing Raptor Center with its dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors.  The Raptor Center has many programs for groups such as scouts with tons of information found on this page.

Mark your calendars:  On May 5 between 11 AM – 2 PM there will be a Raptor Release event at the Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington.

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What kind of flower am I?

The color of my eyes
My favorite holiday
My favorite part of school
My favorite season
My favorite sport
My favorite color
My favorite movie
Favorite way to spend time with my family
My favorite chore
What I like to be called
What I like best about myself

Self acceptance
Awareness of similarities and differences among self and others
Public speaking

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How to make and keep friends
Bee kind, thoughtful, sincere, honest, assertive, a good listener, inclusive

Working together
Including others
Building and maintaining friendship
Group participation
Sunnies – giving compliments to others
Planting seeds of friendship – Cosmos seeds
How are friends like flowers?
need sun to grow
need rain – sharing sadness

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