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USA Baby is having a Cutest Nursery Contest and this is my entry.

Baby Angela was born in October 2009. We moved into the house on June 1, 2009 and previously her room was blue, blue, Pottery Barn blue and decorated with the name Jack on the wall…made me chuckle when I realized the little guy’s name was Jack(ie) Gleason.

Initially I made the room into a little French boutique called le Petit Pearle (to celebrate my Pearl Girl work) to sew and conduct fittings for my little clients.

During Angela’s first year I had virtually no time to sew and Maddy wasn’t uitilizing her playspace in the basement, so I made the room into her playroom.  I had still hoped to create sibling togetherness at this time by having the girl’s share a room, but finally, I just gave in and made it the baby’s nursery because every time the baby fell asleep, her big sister went thumping into the bedroom and woke her up.  I relegated my sewing area to the basement,  Maddy’s playroom into her own room, and created the baby’s nursery with the theme of Spring Time in Paris.

The rocking chair is from USA Baby and I cannot imagine not having such a wonderful place to spend half my life during the first years of both of my daughters’ babyhoods.  I still spend quite a bit of time there as Angela settles into sleep every night and when I rock her during various bouts of illness this winter. I love to embroider little projects as I rock and sing to her while she falls asleep in her crib.
I sewed the curtains myself  and the framed artwork was done by big sister Maddy during her Young Rembrandt’s art classes. The mirror is from Ikea and is a full length mirror that I initially used for dress fittings. I pushed the white wicker dresser I bought from a neighbor’s garage sale up to the mirror.  I enjoy hanging her little dresses up to give it that French boutique feel with the Eiffel Tower stickers I purchased at Joann Fabric.  The other wall has flower and butterfly stickers from Michael’s, and lastly, the Eiffel Tower lamp was purchased at Savers for $1.99, originally sold at Target for $14.99. I decorated the lampshape with pink and black polka dots. On the rocking chair you’ll find my beloved green prayer shawl made by my dear friend Ann. The beautiful yellow and pink quilt resting on her crib was made by Ann’s older daughter Aly and lastly, a pillow I embroidered myself based on a story Maddy wrote and drew. The pillow helped me gets me get through long hours of holding baby while nursing or giving her a bottle.

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V is for Vanity

I’ve always wanted a vanity table even though I only put make up on once in a blue moon and that was yesterday and I didn’t even it do it then.

But occassionally I get a chance to brush and dry my hair these days and it’s nice to sit down.  I had been searching for a vanity at garage sales for several years and wasn’t too keen on the glass with gold variety I kept bumping into.  The fancy schmancy ones I daydreamed of as a young girl cost more than our groceries do for a month, so I put together this little shabby chic ensemble.

I started off with the low desk from our neighbor Rose who fixes up junk furniture and sells it. I bought it from her for $35.  The chair is from an estate sales 1/2 a block away and I bought it for $4.  The lamp is from Ikea and I love that it lights up slowly which is perfect for the morning when I light up slowly. I purchased it for $12.00. The make up mirror/lamp is my favorite find and was only $1.99. It’s got to be nearly new. I’ve seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyonce (sorry, personal joke…every time I used to go to BBB they’d be playing Mrs. Jay-Z’s music) for over $50. I bought it at a thrift store. It didn’t have a price tag and I was lucky enough to have a cashier who was a guy in his 20s who didn’t know what it was so he priced it according to what he thought the value was (and I kept my mouth shut!). The mirror was from another thrift shop and I just bought it less than a month ago for $19.99. A bit high for me, but it goes for a good cause, it was new in the box from Target, and was originally $79.99.

Total cost: $72.98. quite a bit less than the $400-500 vanities and quite a bit more tasteful than the 1970s vanities that should have stayed in that decade.

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The room started out as a Pottery Barn boy’s room with blue paint and the name Jack on the wall when we bought the house. I turned quickly turned it into Le Petite Pearle which was my little sewing haven and dress shop ready for little girls and their mothers to visit for their fittings. When baby arrived it quickly became a hoarding room where all the crap I couldn’t deal with at the moment was thrown.

Some time last spring I turned it into Maddy’s playroom but it was always messy and my idealistic idea of having the girls share a bedroom wasn’t working because as soon as baby fell asleep in her crib, Maddy would wake her up. Last month, I put a few of Maddy’s toys in her room, then downsized more than half of them by donating or tucking away the rest.

Now Le Petite Pearle/espace désordre is the baby’s bedroom. It still has the Eiffle Tower stickers and Maddy’s art work on the wall (our miniature Louvre). I’ve hung up baby’s dresses and added butterfly and flower stickers to complete the theme of spring time in Paris. Angie has her own space to fall asleep and STAY asleep, it’s easy to keep clean, and I still have my little dress shop even though my sewing stuff is in the basement. All is well.

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P is for Playroom

Last week I made the somewhat painful decision and transformed my sewing room into a playroom for Maddy.  As you can see, instead of being a little French dress shop, it is now a Parisian art studio and gallery where Maddy has drawn, painted, colored pictures from her Young Rembrandt’s class and I framed on the wall.

There were so many reasons to do this and now that it is done, I am so pleased with the results.  Maddy and her friends are using this play space much more than when it was in the basement, it stays more organized because the room is smaller and can only hold so many items, and now I don’t have a “junk” room.  After months of not getting the chance to sew much thanks to you know who my little sewing room was beginning to turn into a candidate for the Hoarders: Buried Alive show because I was using it as a catch all room.

Because I’m unable to sew as much as I want (all hobbies are greedy mistresses you know), I’ve decided to focus my creative energy on a summer project with Maddy. We are hoping to have a summer full of fun activities (and little television!) based on the letters of the alphabet. We plan to learn about, craft about, and hopefully take a few field trips that have to do with the different letters of the alphabet.  Suggestions are welcome.  Stay tuned!

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P is for le Petite Perle

Welcome to Pearl Girl!  I love to make heartwarming gifts by hand including dresses for girls sized 2-6 years, necklaces, bracelets, rosaries, aprons, and more! Click here to see some of my work samples.  Below is a picture of my in-home shop called, “le petite perle” which is French for “The Little Pearl”.

le petite perle

le petite perle

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